United Kingdom

UKTime Zone - GMT
FlightLength - N/A
Currency - GBP
Electricity/Plug - 3 Pin
Passport/Visa - If you are flying internally in Britain all passengers are required to provide photographic ID at check-in on all flights. Acceptable forms of ID on UK domestic flights are:
A valid passport - an expired passport can be used up to a maximum of two years after expiry
Valid photographic EU or Swiss national identity card
Valid photographic driving licence
Valid armed forces identity card
Valid police warrant card/badge
Valid airport employees security identity pass
A child on parent’s passport is an acceptable form of ID
Valid photographic firearm certificate
Valid Government-issued identity card
SMART card
Electoral identity card
You should check with your flight operator before checking-in as some carriers including Ryanair will only accept a valid passport or a valid National Identity Card.

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